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17 months ago

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357cfd3 doc: Update "Starting monitoring" documentation
fb0c5f5 doc: Add notice and procedures for usage data collection
baab874 Add segment production key for package target
9c0ea86 build: Remove unneeded 'rm' from 'package' target
8f0a365 build: Install macos package to /Library/CodeReady Containers
6a2c96a build: Don't hardcode /Library/crc in postinstall script
682c105 build: Don't modify git-managed files in 'make package'
278d593 build: Set /Library/crc in Makefile and version.macosInstallPath
866c1ad build: Small Makefile cleanups
71c6cf6 Use a separate fd for libmachine logging
1ae1264 machine logging is already handled when libmachine client is created
e726e67 Add a missing newline
804bad4 Upping client,server timeouts to prevent EOFs
6869e5f macOS package
ff45b3e First preflight check verifies the user is not root
98437f5 hostnames are always present, remove unreachable code
741eb74 Update admin-helper: use uncompressed binary
69f67be Remove old backup logs as part of crc cleanup
f535b3a Backup log file as part of delete command
bc1e18a Fix typo for logfile
2b73f62 Use test account for segment when current binary is not a release
17d8f8d Segment doesn't send context to Woopra. Use property to send the version
3ea8727 Add OS version in Segment
f75eef2 Use correct logging package for kubeconfig update error message
88c368c proxy: wait for proxy before updating kubeconfig
a77bc46 proxy: configure kubelet and crio before first kubelet start
554ed79 proxy: propagation take more than a minute. Increase the duration.
c0c2e3c proxy: service ip range changed, update NO_PROXY according to it.
003f06f proxy: redhat-operators doesn't exist, only marketplace-operator.
16830d9 No need to specify embedded as bundle location
b3ecece Use constants.GetBundleForOs function to get bundle name
eb55ce2 Add GetDefaultBundle function to get map for bundle name on different platform
56e9270 Use variable name same as it's flag value
18564d4 doc: Add systemd-resolved description to our DNS reference
d70f127 Integration: Add check for enabled monitoring stack
611072a Ask the user to turn on telemetry when running crc setup
4f25760 Remove output package. It doesn't bring much.
81b502f Correctly print value of all objects. It can be boolean not only strings
8f3ffdb Remove kubelet status check from start
c0c4651 Fix destination file for win/mac tray
30f6761 Create auto-load config file in for vhost_vsock module
2fd861d Add cleanup function for vsock
c65173f Use udev rule to configure the permission and group for /dev/vsock
6e3bff1 fedora33: Workaround NetworkManager bug with systemd-resolved
da48c83 Remove extra debug log
9bf5148 Log the time taken by each command
9547811 Track all commands even if they succeed
6401a08 Send track message to segment, not only identify message
667a416 Remove warn flags from the config
15c8c20 Log segment upload error instead of printing it
4eb5c06 Add the command in the debug log before the action is performed
acde26d Don't log when an unknown key is present in /etc/os-release
10c1dda Remove distroID(), use directly distro.ID
3dd852f Assume systemd resolved is used by all derivative distros of Ubuntu
ec30647 Use ID_LIKE instead of ID for the specific apparmor rule
65277f8 Use ID_LIKE instead of ID when installing libvirt dependencies
58f6dff Always return an OsRelease struct, even if /etc/os-release is absent
7b098c1 Start monitoring as early as possible
a43a7ea crc status now checks for monitoring operator if enabled
a84f90c Pass enable monitoring flag through struct initializer
9595482 Rename enable-monitoring to enable-cluster-monitoring
075b537 Remove enable-monitoring flag from crc start. Keep only the config prop.
f65615e Update bundle version to 4.6.9
3a93814 Delete directly the VM, doesn't stop it before in most integration tests
c56bc51 Update http example integration test
8062a7e Add segment logs in ~/.crc/crc.log
e749596 Change verbosity of segment logs
c58329a Send to segment the command where the error occurred
40f397f Catch error and send them to segment for all crc commands
3928b67 Simplify segment test: remove unmarshal/marshal step, add assertions
75fac8b Close segment client when command is done
78915b7 runPostRun() was never called in case of an error
447c6ca Use the same constructor for test and production code
23ab0f9 Use constant in cmd/config instead of re-defining it
191fbb2 Add force flag only to delete and stop commands
56cc3a1 Split machine.go to multiples files. One per public method.
286e064 ci: suppress progress bar from yum output
389f367 Initial telemetry implementation
5411fd4 Set init container image as an alpine from registry to avoid docherhub limitations
bde8c3e Add wait for apiserver function
8cc1c01 build: Add update-go-version and goversioncheck targets
d32d37f ci: Update golang to 1.14
ba60fe3 Switch go.mod to 1.14
2ed45a3 ci:centos: Remove unused development packages
6fbba9c ci:centos: Don't install asciidoc
96dfc21 Add flag to crc start to automatically turn on monitoring stack
6ec0d80 Return stderr in case of err for ssh commands
91e4990 Bump libmachine, remove unused code
4218d6c Clean hosts file records added by CRC
09d6aed Use code-ready/admin-helper instead of goodhosts CLI
5b1155a Check for error in getVersionGeneric.
bf26770 Improve download error esp. when the uri is not found
e7edb1b Backward compatibility due to SSH Key change from RSA to ECDSA
615a2d3 Modified to support ECDSA SSH keys.
c8314aa Update golangci-lint to latest release
6a88b70 extract: Avoid gosec G305 for tar files as well
e4b0947 Use instead of deprecated
271abbe Update go.mod and sync vendor
aa63fb1 Issue #1490: Better recognize disk usage by regex

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