github code-ready/crc 1.20.0

Downloads are available at: . To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

190b9cc5 Fix shell tests for AppVeyor
5c87f75a Reduce visibility of shell.Detect
b5773add Move shell package from libmachine to crc
1630ee2d Issue #1418 Document accessing the internal registry
dea7dbfb cleanup: Don't error out when hyperkit is not running
22fd9115 cleanup: Remove duplicate debug logs
99d8a98f Improve formatting across Feature files
b389aa15 Update Feature and Scenario descriptions
2b9ae6d4 Issue #1737: Integration: unify checks of crc status
e9f0fcbe libvirt network is not required when running in vsock mode
89a40ad1 preflight: Add newer fedora to test case
0767c1cf Add ubuntu non-vsock support
db99da9e Start adding IDLike support
c2b52732 preflight:test: Check more closely which preflights are used
9ee6d2ce Make sure the login session include libvirt group
f5c3449c Configure AppArmor automatically
4d3b2011 Add ubuntu support for installing libvirt and dependencies
d77105cc Update libvirt machine driver to 0.12.13
d4ad56fb Remove network manager and dnsmasq config in case systemd-resolved active
108a4a79 preflight: Rename dispatcher file config option
8d693862 preflight: Fail if systemd-networkd is in use
8f072a52 preflight: Add dispatcher file before creating libvirt network
8fa1e02a preflight: Add support for systemd-resolved
a410165d preflight: Move network related var/const to appropriate file
04e57eba preflight: Use 'NoFix' for NetworkManager check
4eab359c preflight: Refactor network checks
11752f89 preflight: Make getPreflightChecksForDistro a bit more compact
68396862 preflight: Split/rename redhatPreflightChecks
1c49a4eb preflight: Rename preflight_redhat.go
4aea3f14 preflight: Improve TestCountConfigurationOptions
7a6e467c preflight: Pass OsRelease object to getPreflightChecksForDistro
dd648b50 Display permissions in octal
b285fdff Current crc supports >=1.0 <2.0 versions of snc
95967b79 Add bundle.Verify() that checks for all files in the bundle directory
91cf52b6 Use cachedPath only once in resolvePath
28a0946e Refactor repository.Get() to do the unmarshalling instead of the bundle
834808e7 Remove isCached function. Return the underlying os.Stat error.
0110fb49 Update bundle from 4.6.3 to 4.6.6
cc9db2fc Inline GetDiskSize method where it is used
27e8a1b1 Remove unused GetInternalIP method
d8053133 Add unit test for bundle extraction
b4334fde Add unit test for bundle loading and oc symlink creation
3ce8e033 Rename installSymlinkOrCopy to createSymlinkOrCopyOpenShiftClient
d6484695 Separate bundle type and functions related to bundle loading
416c011c Add a test for marshalling and unmarshalling bundle metadata
4edec1de Docs: Disable automatic URL for the OpenShift console
d9539454 Issue #1724: Pull from CentOS registry not Dockerhub
fd871415 Update bundle version as makefile in centos ci script
51f08fca Add check target for all the CI
e21117b7 Use a map to retain expiry information
bc83fef8 Check aggregator-client-ca expiry date before kubelet start
126440ce Wait aggregator-client-ca renewal by checking expiry date of the file
331c3031 Restart openshift-apiserver only if aggregator-client-ca is expired
35ba24d9 systemd: Add test for systemd units state
199c8358 systemd: Add support for 'Listening' state
dce70e0f systemd: Fix state parsing in systemd.service()
fd3bd166 Make ssh.Runner implement the CommandRunner interface
5f5c07d9 ssh: Separate stderr from stdout in ssh
29859d74 build: Add Makefile target making as many quick checks as possible
e6a44e03 Remove libvirt preflight checks marked for removal
12357233 Issue #1346 Stop CRC related hyperkit process during cleanup
3a51669a Remove crc machines directory during cleanup
11f7a2f1 Don't stop cleanup process if an error occurs in cleanup functions
08bf6812 Adding the ability to build CRC with an embedded OKD bundle * The Makefile checks for OKD_VERSION to be set. If set, then it overrides CRC_VERSION, and BUNDLE_VERSION. * It also sets pkg/crc/version.okdBuild=true
1e390209 Improve os.MkdirAll use
82efe02c Simplify types and methods in ssh package
81268bf2 Connect ssh only once, and reuse the same connection
c70a33b2 Read ssh private keys only once
c26f0c27 Issue #1690 cert_recovery: put time back manually
3eaf9afc slirp4netns doesn't exist anymore in opensuse repo, trying without
1d10151c crc setup prepares everything before crc start even bundle extraction

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