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2 years ago

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3f84454 Issue #11: machine: Trigger certificate renewal when they are expired
9370967 machine: Implement machine.RenewCertificates
fcf9de1 Add OcRunner interface to 'oc' package'
48c6831 Issue #838 Add virtualbox deprecation notice
8fa57f1 Issue #722 Allow to use 'crc' named Virtual Switch as alternative
5ab8ea8 Issue #828: oc: Only approve 'Pending' CSRs
a34f615 Issue #828: machine: Approve node certificates before displaying usage message
a88b580 machine: Fix 'determin' typo
7f086a3 cluster: Fix 'Exipry' typo in internal function
d3f9879 Update bundle from 4.2.7 to 4.2.8
92f0496 Remove vmDriver arg from SetupHost and StartPreflightChecks
a516a98 Issue #682: Remove macos virtualbox preflight checks
872b647 Add required go version to modules file
6c6ba96 Use go 1.12.x for CentOS CI
03897f4 Remove unused python-requests package
ab69dc6 (issue_824) Update bundle from 4.2.2 to 4.2.7
667c506 Issue #807 Integration tests: print PathListSeparator as a char
0fd6197 Update vendor to remove unused kardianos/osext package and machine sync
b024fb6 Sync machine to fix hyperV administrator check
f7e8581 Issue #790: Rework embedded bundle extraction
5859ce6 Use os.Executable instead of osext
bdfeb08 Move default bundle location to ~/.crc/cache
80d78ec Move constants.DefaultBundlePath to generic code
5665330 Issue #802 Integration tests: update config feature
ebd772e Issue #789 Use fixed UUID instead of generating a random one.
52a568c Issue #160: Document 'oc debug nodes/xxx'
27b0727 Issue #685: Document that RHEL systems must be registered
fe7f71b Issue #799 Update golang version to 1.12.8
4eebb53 Issue #735 Check for bundle embeddedness in crc start output
43f78de Issue #673, #647 Discern if bundle embedded, specify binary for tests, and other updates
3aa6a6d Update for 1.1.0 release
51ab63f (up/master) Issue #787 Update end-to-end health check for Windows in integration tests

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