github code-ready/crc 1.19.0

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06feb079 Update bundle to 4.6.3
d45c519b Update machine drivers versions
53fe5840 hyperv driver is directly created by libmachine
ed6a6968 Docs: Update odo command with --s2i flag
64843349 validation: Error out when resizing disk on macos
ad46c4ba machine: Only call driver.UpdateConfigRaw when value changed
80540e3d (origin/master) cmd/start: Remove duplicate message
6c91127b Issue #1643: Docs: Fix commands to enable monitoring on Windows
9d20e9f4 Docs: separate port 80 and 443 remote haproxy sections
0a4646ab Allow to resize disk when machine is created
dd303cb2 machine: Only call makeDaemonVisibleToHyperkit() when vsock is used
81416de8 Bump libmachine. No more RPC for hyperv driver.
c17689e8 delete: Fix message when user refuses cluster deletion
33355194 If the driver can't stop the VM, return a fresh status instead of None
d8d39993 machine.Stop returns the current state of the VM
56356140 Add goodhost support for Windows
019d822e Add vsock registry key automatically
ed934204 Add userland tcpip stack for the VM
559a91ba Reconstruct the API handler for each request.
c0f6d26d Turn off debug logs for daemon
2feb01f3 Use oc executable embedded in the bundle
329ec112 Log the reason why the bundle cannot be loaded and need to be extracted
603bdfad Add unit tests for non-redhat and redhat distributions
bbd02370 Add functionality to get linux distribution
5a52d3ab GetClusterOperatorsStatus callers all checks the error before the status
d8c3e4a0 Propagate the error and dont return stderr which is empty
4d976ec8 At this point, the VM is always running. A previous branch protects it.
1e8943ca Extract a method to convert openshift status to a user-friendly string
bb5adac3 Bundle is always defined and can be used to retrieve openshift version
822dc755 Reverse the condition and return sooner for the not running case
cbf53b88 Some operators can be both degraded and available at the same time
ec646141 GetClusterOperatorsStatus callers don't check for nil
0a8f5ea6 Give more memory to the VM in health e2e test
7141aaaf Use only native ssh implementation for all platforms
446c9181 Remove code not necessary for crc
74c2b3d7 Include machine ssh package in crc
3ea52b4f Bump openshift vendoring from 4.5 to 4.6
3558e497 Replace 'binary' with 'executable' in code
75d6aa71 Change 'binary' to 'executable' in messages
dcddf199 Collect more data if CI encounters a failure
fea895ee Use latest hyperkit driver
dbd32e10 Default network configuration for macOS uses VMNet

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