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20 months ago

Downloads are available at: . To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

bb304aa hyperv: Don't try to convert DiskCapacity from GiB to bytes
f4c8288 DefaultDiskSize is a valid disk size
b4a6188 machine: Display warning when UpdateConfigRaw returns ErrNotImplemented
ddd9862 libvirt: Add storage pool support
22e370b start: Add support for disk resizing
fc62dcd Use value instead castValue for error message
151f466 cut v1.18.0
31103c0 Update bundle version to 4.6.1
c5b5e66 bump macOS system tray version to v1.0.0-alpha.6
44176fc Bump libvirt driver to 0.12.11
07f2ee5 Use hyperkit driver v0.12.9
15ee02d Issue #1613 Docs: Use "executable" instead of "binary"
071fae1 cluster: Use k8s/openshift API types
71a12de Remove crcos.CurrentOS(), use runtime.GOOS
5687e84 Add more details for Windows DNS error
d95c3e8 Simplify dns package outputs
60cfb4d machine.Client instance is bound to a machine name
de7bac2 Log machine errors only if the call comes from the daemon
effb560 Move VersionResult where it is used, in the api package.
fe173a6 Remove GetPullSecretFunc left over.
8bd35f1 Use the state.State enum to represent the state of the VM
5fbba96 Use string parameter instead of a struct containing only the name
0bfb8c6 Change debug to be global to a machine instance, not per function.
274d7d2 Simplify machine.Client GetConsoleURL method
41c8aeb Simplify machine.Client Status by not returning the error in 2 objects
f1f44b4 Simplify machine.Client Start by not returning the error in 2 objects
861cf16 Simplify machine.Client Stop by not returning the error in 2 objects
2de3337 Simplify machine.Client PowerOff by not returning the error in 2 objects
53bc3d1 Simplify machine.Client IP by not returning the error in 2 objects
5833c5c checkIfMachineMissing is always checking constants.DefaultName
8c2d2d2 Simplify machine.Client Delete by not returning the error in 2 objects
2a69cf3 Update bundle to 4.6.0-rc.3
8a33103 Remove etcd srv entry from the dnsmasq
5ea33ce Wait for kubelet certs to be renewed
b6000d9 Verify both client and server kubelet certificates
1b4d079 Remove unnecessary CSR approval since OpenShift 4.4
97e9c94 Move RegenerateCertificates right after kubelet startup in machine.Start
bce88b6 Make K8sResource a private struct
218c071 Simplify CheckCertsValidity by using a boolean
7d51747 Bump code-ready/machine
db40a17 Use a config that discards all preflights for API tests
411a3e3 Issue #1576 Run preflight checks when starting crc via api
35fa207 Implement and use the RequestHandler interface in the APIServer
3de2ffc Define an interface to club all the request handlers
644874a Ignore unused crcConfig in some of the handlers
dfa06e8 Remove v.WatchConfig which is not required and also causes a data race
04832bd Issue #1557 Recreate the config object before executing each handler
5511508 Document --cpus and --memory flags for crc start
8b28ee1 console: Don't return early when printing url/credentials
9111a11 preflight: Improve libvirt/qemu detection
d03bec5 Fix unit test for startHandler of daemon api
804626e Add unit test for start handler with pull secret as argument
1194db4 Implement fakemachine Client.Start
df3c745 Allow daemon start handler to accept pull secret path as an argument
46f2336 Issue #1556 Add cluster CA info to json output
1ed70cf Use LoadFromFile method instead Load for k8s client object
1a108ad Change certificateAutority function signature
c229545 Remove check back for update line from readme
b60d19b Even if RetryAfter has reached the time limit, retry once
d2a0c84 Use time limit instead of number of attempts for retry loops
47f6782 Always make sure the pull secret is in the cluster
f8137b0 Always make sure the cluster ID is not empty
482eff6 Ensure pull secret is always present on disk before starting kubelet
163781c Use a struct to memorize the pull secret
97baad5 Distinguish adding the pull secret to the cluster and to the disk
1f73987 Inline configureCluster
d4be537 Always generate SSH keys if they don't exist
047104a Use 0755 mode for creating the cache dir in case bundle is embedded

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