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21 months ago

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435b515 Use 0755 mode for creating the cache dir in case bundle is embedded
df5e9bd Update bundle from 4.5.11 to 4.5.14
7e9a15f Add patched output when cluster version is patched
dcacaf2 Remove -oyaml from clusterversion patch command
5e146f3 Documentation: Fix minor wording and formatting errors
b0b0f3b Integration time limit increase from 120m to 180m
6351ebf Adjust 'crc config set memory/cpu' message
9da1d49 Allow to configure VM memory/CPUs at crc start time
fad55e7 machine: Use common helper to initialize VMDriver
4071010 Remove unneeded machine.Load/machine.Save calls
83eb5ce Add unit test for console command
ab97870 Add json output for console command
bb71d67 Fix display of non-string value in SuccessfullyApplied callback
4f17924 Add unit test that counts preflight tests
bf1f96f Preflight cleanup function is now the same for all platforms
c0add67 Remove duplication of experimental features bool in preflight checks
0b5522c Update machine revision to go.mod
7b48c34 Update crc-driver-hyperkit to 0.12.8
c46382b Use 0.12.10 libvirt machine driver
1eb4dfc Replace VMDriver.DiskPath with ImageFormat
2247339 Replace DiskPathURL with ImageSourcePath
2be91ec Ensure refactorings won't delete some preflights checks by mistake
ca936e7 Add unit tests for preflight checks
a8ca5df Only send logs to stderr
336180c Remove unused DriverName field
a24de0d Remove handling of GetOpenshiftVersion() returning ""
0797367 Update bundle from 4.5.9 to 4.5.11
9cfefb2 Check if casting to boolean and integer succeed before setting or getting the value
dd018b0 Add test for config watch
8c5988b Use config object instead of package methods
bd31254 config: Rename allSettings to settingsByName
36fc7dc Decouple config storage from config default and casting
39b5ca8 Move exported types in a separated file
c0a4d85 Cast value to the same type as of the default value
f1b363c Keep the state only in viper
5b1a425 Add unit tests for viper
368b2a9 Introduce a parameter to change the config path
6255d61 Introduce a type to hold the configuration
f74e0ce Write config just after Set/Unset
ec94b6b Call EnsureConfigFileExists in InitViper directly
24c58ed Inline unset/set method
0eb3ead Add default as soon as a settings is added
646c6d8 Add settings after the config is initialized
cf974c7 Settings are now only strings
0bf452f AllConfigs() returns now a map[string]SettingValue instead of interface{}
37004f3 Use cast.ToString to convert interface{} to string
58e7743 Use cast.ToIntE to convert interface{} to int
f18427f Allow only one validation and one callback functions
e0b2b36 Remove GetString/GetBool/GetInt, only use Get
e4c9f4c Remove unused method BindFlag
e490095 Bind FlagSet at runtime, not init.
96ff259 Change config.Get to always return a value
a247522 Makes ssh connection more reliable by using both private keys
53a9ac6 Remove dependency on drivers.Driver in ssh package
86c45f0 Add mock release target for circle-ci
4055b6e Add container runtime variable in Makefile
59976fb Update golangci-lint to newest release
f1a3396 preflight: Use consistent naming for source files
f3179a7 integration: Return error from CopyFilesToTestDir
f35fcb7 status_test: Use strings.ReplaceAll instead of strings.Replace(..., -1)
429be07 kubeconfig: Force TLS >= 1.2
ff27411 Get golangci-lint binary without updating go mod
3631c8c Refactor test code to use assert.JSONEq.
caf6324 Add webConsoleUrl field in crc start -ojson
f03d363 Remove machine.IsRunning
0decfa6 Add json support for delete command
e974f7c Refactor delete command
6a71eac Add json support for cleanup command
fb24d4b Add json support for stop command
cde70de Only prompt for secret/yes or no if crc is launched with a terminal
c8a0033 Refactor stop command
4202d65 Add json format for setup
10071c5 Better display MultiError when errors are the same
d47f5e7 Remove capital letter for error in Temporary Error
740abdf cache: Add version check for hyperkit
60598e6 Use consistent capitalized 'HyperKit' spelling
33ca985 preflight: Don't hardcode cached binaries names/paths
8c6e266 cache: Debug log improvements
3e8eb63 cache: Add/export GetBinaryName() and GetBinaryPath()
e36f073 cache: Use common code to get binary version
d980615 cache: Move version reading code to cache package
7fb43f1 Only check bundle version if the bundle is embedded
7240de6 Workaround breakage
c9078c0 Host IP is not necessary anymore in startup sequence
2a51cee Improve version mismatch wording

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