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21 months ago

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e048c0c Update bundle from 4.5.8 to 4.5.9
dd5cade If the cluster is already running, fill cluster config and kubelet status
a6a0397 Also render preflight errors as json
7f6c908 Inline method
cc258c0 Remove calls to logging.Fatal in preflight package
75b9691 Remove duplicated code
9737639 Add json output format for crc start
d1c283d Status is always running at this point
7151c11 Docs: Add port 443 to remote haproxy configuration
2371713 Issue #1492 Only windows 10 Home edition doesn't support Hyperv
e4d9188 Remove the extra validation for bundleName
472109f Add docs link checking in circle ci
8b7430a Add make target to check links in the docs
9df3dce Remove now unused asciidoctor-pdf and docs-server images
efe7c0d doc: Change the example proxy server url
ebbc91b Use flag -it while running the container for serving docs over http
4f1005e Use docs-builder image in docs related make targets
6de9dcf Add dockerfile for docs-builder image
3931dd7 Update bundle from 4.5.7 to 4.5.8
72d64a2 install Makefile target uses same ldflags as others targets
566253e integration: Fix NetworkManager preflight messages
0871084 Fix crc cleanup expected output in integration tests
5c4b65b Fix crc setup expected output in integration tests
be723a4 systemd: Only build NewHostSystemdCommander on linux
a134d84 systemd: Improve message when sudo is used
b275a70 systemd: Add unit test
05d14e7 systemd: No need for sudo to run 'systemctl status'
a75884d systemd: Simplify external API
08d5c10 systemd: Unify host and instance code
c6c08c2 machine: Remove unneeded conditional block
5356e79 systemd: Remove IsActive method
a51dbed systemd: Make host/instance code closer
da2ba39 preflight: Use systemd package when appropriate
5f176e6 Move usage message in cmd package
993c1d3 Fix unit tests on Windows
5dc7115 Add Windows CI
751f64a Check 'git status vendor/' in
293017b Use platform driver types from machine module
c3e375b oc: Use os.CommandRunner
4485b79 Introduce os.CommandRunner interface
c06b308 oc: Move kubeconfig path and oc path to oc.Config
3efbf66 oc: Generate command line in a single runCommand helper
60aad3f Remove exec.RunWithDefaultLocaleAndEnv
b0cb5c9 Remove oc.EnvRunner
85876b7 Add 10m timeout to golangci run to stop travis CI failure
a479690 config: Don't preallocate array in configurableFields
de83f1d Revert back to use of old libvirt-kvm-driver
8132d0f Docs: fix odo urls

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