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22 months ago

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3ef4d06 Revert back to use of old libvirt-kvm-driver
9144b43 Rename function/variable for Mac tray
9b3c4b1 Add windows tray to embed data files
9e2c1fc Bump windows tray to v0.2.0.0
35cc39c Bump macOS tray to v1.0.0-alpha.5
e29d96e Update bundle version from 4.5.6 to 4.5.7
d402b05 Issue #705 Document remote set up, client connection
2ac0901 (refactor) Add feature to automate proxy ca cert
3e211b1 Issue #1279 Integration: Add cleanup command to tests
38128fd Update bundle from 4.5.5 to 4.5.6
422b509 Rename function updateSSHKeyAndCopyKubeconfigToVM to updateSSHKeyAndCopyKubeconfig
0f6d866 Remove kubeconfig file copy to instance
f0feb8f Add unit test for configuration api
7630591 Issue #723 Extend daemon api to support configuring properties
d633c98 Use json.RawMessage for api arguments
5e47beb Add AllConfig to config package to fetch all configs
da18a10 Make sure the authorized_keys in the vm has correct permissions
a8cb334 Issue #1389 Copy ssh key and kubeconfig as soon as ssh is available
7728d6a Add preflight check for windows edition
ed583a2 Clearly mention during setup in windows to reboot
c43982f Update ~/.kube/config with crc contexts
d54981b Bump hyperkit driver from 0.12.6 to 0.12.7
6cf917f Update libvirt driver from 0.12.8 to 0.12.9
2f8acc0 [Centos-CI] Remove kvm from package list
1c3bdf6 Add processor specific modprobe command
9dabc10 Use sudo for modprobe command
cd4b9c3 Use RunWithDefaultLocale instead exec.Command when possible
7efa082 Add tests for status in API
a5389bf Introduce machine.Client type, and make use of it in the codebase
6e32c0d Check bundle presence by looking at bindata
59fcb05 Issue #1175 Clarify required privilege elevation in docs
1f9d0a7 Add ssh test with native and external clients
793335d Update proc_starting-monitoring-alerting-telemetry.adoc
980f891 Update proc_starting-monitoring-alerting-telemetry.adoc
39fcd28 Simplify api.NewHost caller. Remove supported drivers code.
46ef3e7 Remove unused constants
e0590b2 Update bundle version from 4.5.4 to 4.5.5
ce152b4 Add integration test scenario for proxy
ebfdd48 Add image for squid
b17fee8 Cross compile integration.test
d01204e Fix lint errors
fd92d12 Remove integration build tag
c5c3a53 Fix NTP start log
822ec79 ntp: Rename 'b' variable to more explicit name
06b0710 Add ssh.CopyFile helper
07f8350 Unify ssh.CopyData and ssh.SetTextContentAsRoot
f2f94f8 Refactor common code between status and version
1fc84e7 Add json output for crc version
f04f892 Add unit test for crc version
41208d8 exitHandlers are never used. Removing them.
87fac3c Fix formatting error in crc start documentation
abe89fe Move errors.Newf where it is used.
de1912d Use go errors. It will be logged by the caller.
437ea92 Use only GetConsoleURL and remove GetProxyConfig
012d749 Propogate errors outside of network package
f292465 Read first bytes of crcbundle to determine compression type
47907db Refactor extract test

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