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23 months ago

Downloads are available at: . To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

d7ee161 Remove change directory command from integration test
a57b522 Issue #1387 Add CRC_DEBUG_ENABLE_STOP_NTP env to stop network time sync
219b2e2 Issue #1423 Add VPN note to crc start documentation
c2586f3 OpenShift status and version are not mixed in the same string.
282913c Use raw numbers in json, not human strings
d80a97a Use tabwriter instead of template
a7bdaf1 Add json format
8546d82 Add test for crc status
8a71354 Push up errors
a830a95 Update bundle version from 4.5.1 to 4.5.4
b6b8a00 Remove unused windows packages secpol and service
09715c5 Issue #1327 Reduce UAC prompts during setup and cleanup
3b40b22 Update godog dependency
c2fe09a Issue #1238 Document non-customizable cluster settings
79ed872 Use existing template to create application
70ed4ae Remove os.Exit() usage from most commands
d35b749 Move ExitWithMessage and Exit to a new exit package
f2986dd Ensure libmachine is always created and closed the same way
892856c Ensure all errors have the same format
05347f3 Directly return the ClusterConfig. Don't use a pointer.
a1df813 Ensure all start errors have the same format
c8ffe0d Issue #1364 Fix crc oc-env for windows
cf3064e Issue #1386 Run all oc commands from the VM
d2b83d6 Add golint
cd66edf Add errcheck, deadcode and misspell linters
bf143ef Ensure the host has at least 9GB of RAM
da82c0a Remove license headers left over
07001b1 Remove cache.Executable()
ebfe7de Add unit test for api
3697a93 Add function to check single operator status
a5b15d9 Context and cluster are not mandatory to run oc
2b01fc3 Add an OcRunner that use KUBECONFIG env variable
ff137cd Fix running a command with a new env variable
80c35f2 KubeconfigPath usage belongs to the runner
b051f3d Add test for OcConfig
d6c31b1 Add tests for errors.RetryAfter
db8aba4 Use cache package for hyperkit driver
b59dcf9 Use cache package for libvirt driver
c08b242 Add file executable check method to cache
3952297 Issue #679 Document using htpasswd_provider for the web console
ee358e0 Add mock release target for travis CI
5be48fe Add podman package to travis CI
6da49c5 Use ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Bionic for travis
5c27ce4 Use default shell as bash for Makefile
19fc361 Add mock bundle logic in makefile
f03f721 Remove the crc machine directory before removing the VM
e391280 Embed: use fatal instead fatalf for non format string
7cae48f Embed: make errors as fatal for logging

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