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23 months ago

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bfbe05f Update bundle from 4.5.0-rc.7 to 4.5.1
91889b3 Rename all parameters of type OcConfig to ocConfig
611197d Add unit test for GetClusterOperatorStatus
49d5f69 Move all methods using oc command in cluster package
fbae003 Create only one OcConfig instance per command
f8b9472 Keep only RunOcCommands in OcConfig
823cf2e Update vendor dir
203e12a Remove go-isatty use
95d8759 Check that proxy URL starts with http://
1904e3a Issue #1358 Use links instead of xrefs in docs
1674246 Update bundle version from 4.5.0-rc.6 to 4.5.0-rc.7
229ee46 Refactor logging code
3b47d12 Issue #1360 Explicitly mention Windows 10 Home is not supported
f6739a2 Update bundle from 4.5.0-rc.5 to 4.5.0-rc.6
a0ee4b5 Mention total # of retries in RetryAfter
6c14292 Add function to check if file is tarball or not
670f189 Check version information for oc binary
849ba86 Add version and getVersion to Cache
1d63993 Remove destDir argument from different binary cache functions
6e242b5 Remove existing cached file before overwrite
6220095 Fix extract.uncompress crash with unknown file types
01e7347 Fix etcd operator installation for integration test
10b48b2 Update bundle version from 4.4.8 to 4.5.0-rc.5
b75892f Issue #1338 Use user.Uid from os/user to get sid in windows
79120a0 Fix formatting in documentation
3ab6641 Bump clicumber
928a8a0 Add deployment config and deployment both for rollout status
e42127f Add progress bar for bundle extraction
336b399 Remove unused method
3e6fb61 untar: call defer file.Close() after each file
4dda6fa Add testdata for xz format
74574a3 preflight: macos: reset /etc/hosts permissions to 0644

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