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2 years ago

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92ed966 Update bundle version from 4.4.6 to 4.4.8
e3e4703 Check first if daemon service is installed during cleanup
8e7cc28 Use package os/user to get the current username
cc6c989 Remove log-level debug flag from the daemon command
7159191 Check if a tray exists and running before trying to remove it
7117b5b Do not return errors from cleanup functions
38b19dc Issue #1286 Add check, fix and cleanup for log on as service
0eeb479 Add package secpol to modify windows user rights security policy
4e83b06 Add helper to read utf-16 encoded files in windows
97b193a Try to stop running tray when version check fails
21ee90f Issue #1275 Extract the tray binary in correct location
459acbb Fix integration test for registry image deployment
6e1f055 Bump to dev version
16d015a Use deployment instead deploymentconfigs (dc) for rollout status
d86465f Remove GO111MODULE=on from makefile
2a9c0b0 Add unzip package to openshift-ci image
a291b5d Print 'CodeReady Containers' rather than 'crc' in 'crc version'
99869b8 cmd: Always print versions in debug output
7383a0c Improve 'cert expired' error message
8883eb6 Add test for archive extraction code
bf72e90 config: Fix function name in comment
320ac8f ssh: Slightly improve debug message
a5d708c machine.Status: Remove redundant code
26ae4de machine.Status: Move defer to right place
31b3b73 Add more debug to WaitForOpenshiftResource and ApproveNodeCSR
f0aadc6 Add debug log for private ssh command success/failure
fb67875 Add more debug in RetryAfter
3ae79b2 Remove use of errors.ExitWithMessage(fmt.Sprintf())
2580b68 Bump language version of crc go module
1d0236e Add source code to openshift-ci image
a0b5934 Enable gocritic linter. Fix remaining errors.
efcde6e Remove fmtcheck from release target
706c18f Update centos CI script with make targets
2eead05 Increase retry time to look up pending csr
912ff0e Update certificate recovery codebase
82adb42 Update gosec check. Disabled temporarily: - G110: Potential DoS vulnerability via decompression bomb - G204: Subprocess launched with function call as argument or cmd arguments
ace7df3 Remove dead code
b374b3f Run gofmt check with golangci-lint. Fix gofmt errors in crc-embedder.
aa4dd1d Bump golangci-lint version
79dc9a8 Run same Make targets on Travis and Circle CI
be68d94 Remove unnecessary fmt.Sprintf
06cf655 (Add script to verify vendor directory
05afca6 Tidy go.mod before generating vendor directory
c1857f7 Run go mod tidy. Remove unnecessary dependencies in go.mod and go.sum.
506d477 Make executeable
85cde6c Issue #1090: Addendum to #1302 update tests
d208011 Update vendor directory
64de192 Issue #1301 Clarify wording based on DDF feedback
9950ab9 Update bundle from 4.4.5 to 4.4.6
40cdee0 Add openshift-ci Dockerfile and related files
6c0b512 preflight: Fix systemd checks of newer libvirt releases
2138692 preflight: Warn when libvirtd is not running
884a19b Remove preflight check for libvirtd being 'enabled'
1b0dda6 Trim new line from the output of virsh domstate
6126e5b Create release tarball without preserving current user
f5e4fa8 Issue #1283 Update troubleshooting docs for certificate expiration
c915776 Revert "Add execute permission for users which are not wheel group"
c11d52e Issue #1278: Don't use 'wheel' group in setSuid

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