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2 years ago

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0d7adc1 Update tray version from 1.0.0-alpha.3 to 1.0.0-alpha.4
9f0998a Update bundle from 4.4.3 to 4.4.5
4ec069b Return error in case app domain is not reachable for windows
70800d0 Add execute permission for users which are not wheel group
c7deef7 Update the oc binary cache path
e1df082 Issue #795 Add cleanup for windows tray
fab4492 Issue #795 Add setup preflight checks for windows systray
87d259f Issue #795 helpers for windows svc mgr operations
ed8cd4f Issue #795 Create a window service for the daemon
58260bf Warn instead of returning an error when we are unable to resolve the app domain
f649688 Remove /etc/hosts file modification on MacOS
6a389ca Use goodhost binary for MacOS
d7c821e Add console and registry url to /etc/hosts
0aa73c4 Make use of goodhosts in linux to update /etc/hosts
27c01a9 Add goodhosts binary to cache
ffd3580 Add execution permission during the set uid bit
730e6aa Use Cache package to cache oc and podman binary
782b6c0 Implement Cache package
f41b5df Refactor cachePodman method to consume extracted files functionality
155a75a Don't skip the directory creation during the extract
c80d348 Refactor cacheOc method to consume extracted files functionality
a5c8dda Return extracted file list from Uncompress function
29e8898 Fix 'crc cleanup' failure when VM is stopped
9f974c5 fix docs_build job in circle ci
d3c726a Update machine-driver-libvirt from 0.12.7 to 0.12.8
7644376 Issue #1143 Add docs for using odo with CRC
4f5f223 Issue #1211 Explicit add base domain to resolver in MacOS
e760853 Update the issue template
d395529 Update golangci-lint client to new version
36c6851 Update go version for ci from 1.12.x to 1.13.x

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