github code-ready/crc 1.10.0

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2 years ago

Downloads are available at: . To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

9d5f325 Disable the podman remote
f727c44 Send intermediate error to debug log in case of openshift cluster status
6d43a8b Use only stderr when returning the error for GetClusterOperatorStatus function
d9a3953 Add more logs during cluster startup
b3ad76c Don't use Infof to print constant strings
511e4ff Issue #1188 Update docs regarding minimum memory
bfe0a0a Update memory requirement from 8GB to 9GB
0939f71 Restart kubelet service when proxy added to unit file
eed94f0 Remove StopAndRemovePodsInVM function
9a8a864 Add is-active method for systemd commander
097aff0 Update bundle version from 4.3.10 to 4.4.0-rc.11
028b4c4 Clarify wording around Windows minimum requirements.
1d1d7c1 preflight: Allow to skip podman check
51a4cfc Add dnsmasq host file to resolve host domain
ebec317 Add internalIP to bundle metadata
979ef12 Add sshRunner.CopyData helper

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