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2 years ago

Downloads are available at: . To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

4347c0e Issue #753 Handle some previously ignored errors in preflight
17fbfa6 Issue #752 Fall back to standard location of posh if not found in PATH
918a7e1 Issue #758 Force encoding for GetDefaultSwitchName
4665025 Better error message when cluster has no external connectivity
49e925f Issue #760: Reword message at the end of 'crc stop/delete/start'
0f9055f Fix 'existin' typo
b0ec4b8 Issue #399 - Enable integration tests for Windows hosts
6af532d Issue #614 Integration tests: add step to check that VM disk is 32GB
8edb4c2 Issue #743 make setup steps skippable due to incorrect Administrator role check
ae34d0f Issue #768 Add master build status from CentOS CI
b6c340a Issue #766 Increase retry for waitforssh from 10 to 60
20e1aa4 Issue #603 Augment integration test story to check if app runs after stop and start
57ae9ea Prep, rearrange, format and reword
42991df Issue #741 past tense needs to be used; 'disabled' (typo)
4f3f19d Issue #741 add message about degraded state
2f26446 Update bundle version to 4.2.0
beb383a Issue #735 Skip showing '-b $BundleName' after setup
cac2dde Issue #743 Make user checks skippable
634d0ac Issue #732 Update operators list with availability of marketplace
5b95ed0 Issue #732 updating differences as marketplace is not disabled

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