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pre-release2 years ago

Downloads are available at: . To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

d7e58ef Issue #484 Get the latest version of crc on
ec2c921 Rename constant DefaultPullSecretURL to CrcLandingPageURL
b947a53 Issue #609 Create release info file in json format
c738a8f Issue #435: preflight: virtualbox config flags are darwin-only
a640e60 Issue #435: preflight: Add missing windows flags
3a3d27f preflight: Don't warn/fail when bundle is not embedded
208dc04 preflight: Don't return unused error from hyperv fix
d2b8734 Issue #658 Ask user confirmation before delete the VM
7e90e8b Issue #644 Add regex to crc stop -f integration test
655abaf console: Rename consoleURLMode to consolePrintURL
851db50 config: Rename 'unsetMsg' to 'unsetMessage'
9b0cc45 Remove unused variable SkipCheckIPForwarding and `WarnCheckIPForwarding'
8088aa3 Use WarnCheckCrcNetworkManagerConfig for network manager config check
eef9ec6 Issue #640: integration: Don't silently ignore errors in BeforeFeature
ac59d42 Issue #640: integration: Update README
8b527ad doc: Add more details regarding what crc is/isn't
dedd2de doc: Indicate which linux versions we expect to work
9056ce6 doc: Add 'constants' for Debian/Ubuntu
e704664 Issue #622: No 'libvirtd' group on Debian/Ubuntu
3199fb8 Issue #644 Add regex to crc stop -f integration test
379bdda Add integration test for 'crc console'
0a52acb console: Make 'OpenShift Web Console' spelling consistent
be71d77 console: Print error message when OpenURL fails
4626609 Issue #624: Error out in 'crc console' if VM is off
2064fa6 Add machine.IsRunning helper
2fe881a Issue #489: Use 'crc console' instead of webconsole URL
887ff3c Issue #230: Add 'crc console --credentials' flag
5091fcf Return ClusterConfig from GetConsoleURL
93131d1 Issue #642: Use more standard naming for Out/OutW/OutF
75b417e Issue #579 Localize switch name
d51abff Refactor platform specific code
2a24a68 Issue #637 Extend allocated time for integration tests to 90m
c83c832 Issue #631 Add a note about cert expire time limit to readme.
9a47ead Update crc-driver-hyperkit from 0.12.5 to 0.12.6
91a3d79 Update crc-driver-libvirt from 0.12.5 to 0.12.6
91265dd Issue #605: Check libvirt version as part of setup too
d5bf255 Issue #605 Add libvirt version check as part of preflight
b2a6dc1 Issue #424: oc: Remove extract.go
183f5e0 Issue #424: oc: Remove unneeded chmod
902e422 Issue #424: oc: Use extract filters to only extract the oc binary
0f401f5 Issue #424: oc: Rename TAR to TARGZ
1d94d96 Issue #424: extract: Add a way to control which files are extracted
528927c Issue #424: extract: Remove unused functions
870b6c3 Issue #424 Use new extract.Uncompress helper
b78f244 Issue #424: extract: Add generic extract.Uncompress()
d36db66 Issue #424: extract: Handle sparse files
41057dd Issue #424: extract: Use 'mode' from tarball instead of hardcoding it
5519ddd Issue #586: Don't use obsolete syscall.StringToUTF16Ptr method
6eda09e Issue #586: Use to implement windows.ShellExecute
3c469c5 Issue #586: Only build the non-root checks on !windows
2ca7c7c Issue #586: win: Add log when failing to set interface DNS
5ee20b1 Issue #586: win: Remove some dead code
2c4ec66 Issue #586: build: Add cross-lint target
1a6a88c Issue #618 Make /etc/hosts file in mac user writable
fb6ba51 Issue #174: Add link to download page in
cf25e00 machine: Bundle version mismatch should be fatal
d608fcc status: Print actual OpenShift version
aaccbc0 machine: Refactor loadCrcBundleInfo helper
fbda097 Issue #498: machine: Print openshift version when starting VM
14d3867 Issue #611 Don't include release dir to generated sha256 sum.
9c5750b Issue #598 Force using golang's native SSH implementation
45434dc Refactor import statements of machine.go
0df7aa1 Use 'dev' for master branch version
e01978b Update bundle version from 4.1.11 to 4.1.14
95f7543 doc: Mention differences with a 'real' OpenShift install
1c7289d doc: Describe crc DNS configuration
48e9853 doc: Remove one more mention of the bundle

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