github code-ready/crc 1.0.0-beta.4

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pre-release2 years ago

1af59dc Issue #588 Remove bundle version from version section.
8e40a2c Add gosec to travis and circle ci config.
62e98c4 Add target for gosec in makefile
ea4f473 gosec: G204: Subprocess launched with variable
373c96a gosec: G302: Expect file permissions to be 0600 or less
0336457 gosec: G304: Potential file inclusion via variable
df0b86d gosec: G301: Expect directory permissions to be 0750 or less
1e6b74f gosec: extract.go: G305: File traversal when extracting zip archive
bdbe964 gosec: contants.go: Fix G101: Potential hardcoded credentials
01ca3b1 gosec: pullsecret.go: Fix G101: Potential hardcoded credentials
aa7eea4 Add internal dns server ip as nameserver for dnsmasq
0356090 Remove hostname for libvirt network config structure.
4b709ae Remove dns entry from crc network template
d0db448 Remove UseDNSService from driver struct
afd92ec issue ##560 Inform about needed relogin/reboot
9c4a0a0 don't run crc setup as part of ci setup script
c0868ea Issue #580 Fix misleading message in check for root/admin
d0aa199 Issue #570 Print a reason why root access is needed before using it
f0afd42 Issue #576 Remove calls to curl from integration tests
c974212 Issue #585: Only ask for pull secret when needed
2450bb5 Issue #583: machine: Move updateSSHKeyPair after WaitForSSH
c7842c7 Introduce SSHRunner type
e60eba0 Some micro coding style fixes
889271a Issue #467 Ignore Upgradeable status from debug message
a20d28e Issue #544 Recognize if bundle is embedded or not in integration tests
ed2ea7b Issue #569 Fix wrong command for windows
83afb1e Issue #529 Prevent Hyper-V specific setup when vbox is used
7901366 Add common tasks section; start with running prometheus
2e1f019 Issue #145 Generate ssh keypair inplace
c891fbc Issue #566: Rename {skip,warn}-check-resolv-conf-file-permissions
4b04752 Issue #477 Add warn if cert going to expire starting of 7 days.
1071d26 Fix github templates for bug and custom issues
f0add84 Add custom issue template
4b91419 Update issue templates
b38592d Issue #224 Put message after config unset commands
57712aa Issue #539 Add callback function for configs
99e8d7e Issue #497 Add preflight check to see if ran as root/admin
fe39a0d doc: Document that stopping the VM takes a while
b8b3e22 doc: Be very explict about 'delete' removing everything
ac16c64 doc: Slightly reword "oc get co" example
046327b doc: Don't list bundle files as prerequisite for crc start
ebf1529 doc: Point at for downloads
d266d22 doc: Adjust libvirt-related setup
a101e68 doc: Add macos mention in the installation prerequisites
d61e39c Issue #506 Remove check if bundle is cached for start command
e6fed89 Issue #482 check if bundle unpack is needed based on DefaultBundlePath
da50d52 Issue #528 Remove logic to cache the pull secret
13fc568 Issue #518: config: Sort the configuration keys
691654d Issue #518: config: Only return changed keys from AllConfigs()
99c92a2 Issue #518: config.view: Make format field a bit wider
b5632aa Issue #518: config: Don't report error when unsetting unset key
3028192 Issue #518: config: Make some config.setting fields private
5b571ed Issue #518: config: Make config.viperConfig private
2516b50 Issue #518: config: Make SettingsList private
9f87ef3 Issue #518: config: Move SettingsList to pkg/crc/config
fc161f8 Issue #216: Don't write default values to config file
030b564 Add Dockerfile for asciidoctor-pdf
6ab601c Add Dockerfile for docs-server
bc5c63c Add Dockerfile for dnsmasq along with config
77d64b4 stop: Hint that stopping the VM can take some time
c199d5f Issue #498: machine: Move 'Loading bundle' log
1ff3b22 Issue #492: start: Mention 'developer' user
08af7b6 Issue #441: start: Rephrase linux-specific message
e2e85e1 Issue #379: setup: Add message to indicate success
dc3bc97 Issue #432: Improve some bundle-related error messages
2aaae1f Issue #499: version: Be more explicit about the bundle version
8235c60 preflight: Group NetworkManager checks together
9930de5 hyperkit: Use constants.CrcBinDir
aa8185b Issue #488 Add docs_serve target to makefile
d0ac7fb Issue #517 Update storage space requirements
3d4323a Issue #501: integration: Check we are getting enough arguments
6d4c872 Issue #503 Remove virtualbox from supported driver for linux.
8443082 Update default pull secret URL
dfa841d Update pull secret URI from bare metal to crc
5b06311 Issue #478 Update machine dependecy from 34d5b60 to a42716b
8956fee build: Rework binappend Makefile rule a bit
1db59f4 build: Don't duplicate bundle names twice
2795ed5 build: Fix hyperkit bundle name
2588cf4 Issue #226: Add Makefile rule to run golangci-lint
ba93915 Issue #226: darwin: Ignore error when stopping network
b82f29c Issue #226: Comment out dead Windows code
d67ac48 Issue #226: Add missing error checks/propagation
b84bc15 Issue #226: Mark errors which are intentionally ignored
30892f6 Issue #226: Use strings.HasPrefix instead of regexp.MatchString
d3b2e15 Issue #226: Error-handling fixes in bundle.Extract
bf08b03 Issue #226: Don't defer f.Close if an error occurred
4a0fa05 Issue #226: Only call defer os.Close() after successful open
d659e0e Issue #226: Simplify isDebugLog, BundleEmbedded, PromptUserForYesOrNo
e0aabea Issue #226: Fix output.OutW with multiple args
79ed009 Issue #226: Add missing error check
84762b5 Issue #226: Remove unneeded assignment
938b131 Issue #226 s/errors.New(fmt.Sprintf/fmt.Errorf/
712b916 Issue #226: Remove unused variables

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