github code-ready/crc 1.0.0-beta.1

  • 663fd03 Issue #459 Add NetworkManager preflight checks for libvirt
    • a3446e1 Issue #438: Load correct bundle on VM restart
    • 3701ab5 Issue #438: Rework machine/bundle API
    • 89245e0 Issue #438: Move fillClusterConfig() after VM loading/creation
    • 1070231 Issue #438: machine.Start: Add helper to fill ClusterConfig
    • 859d541 Issue #438: Add more methods to CrcBundleInfo
    • 35f2cb7 Issue #438: machine: Only copy kubeconfig file after VM creation
    • 3c02114 Issue #438: machine: only create MachineConfig when needed in machine.Start()
    • 0d5cbd6 Issue #361 Generate and add pdf of docs to release archive
    • 2e2b781 Issue #464: machine: Only use errors.NewF in toplevel methods
    • d56c104 Update hostname hash value from 'tt4fg' to '56mmj'
    • baa0f47 Update bundle version from 4.1.9 to 4.1.11
    • 2eb4189 Update hyperkit driver version from 0.12.4 to 0.12.5
    • f0d61a0 Update libvirt driver version from 0.12.4 to 0.12.5
    • f185afc Issue #393 Add job to circleci for publishing docs to gh-pages
    • 8697dd1 Issue #445 Document supplying pull secret on crc start
    • 1777428 Issue #383 Document running as user, not root or admin
    • 50f3b77 Rename darwin to macos
    • e6f8a42 Issue #449 Remove BUNDLE_VERSION information
    • 9ebef60 Issue #400 Add sha256sum to the final release binaries
    • 45dd16b Issue #436: Add bundle path to base driver
    • da1c446 Issue #436: Remove MachineConfig dependency from GetCrcBundleInfo
    • b2fcb12 Issue #436: Remove MachineConfig arg from machine.existVM
    • 5e4a2e3 Issue #439: Add preflight check to remove system-wide crc-driver-libvirt
    • 274948c Issue #439: Install libvirt driver in ~/.crc/bin
    • d800533 Issue #434 Remove hardcoded block device name when getting disk usage
    • c3fe42d Issue #426: oc: Add missing error assignment
    • 1c17f20 Issue #431: Replace strings.Replace with filepath.ToSlash
    • 938ff0f Move 'clean' from 'release' to 'embed_bundle'
    • c487238 Makefile: Add dependencies on bundle files
    • cbcb15d Makefile: Ensure binaries are rebuilt when a source file changes
    • 0fd5004 Makefile: Rename $(CURDIR)/bin/crc$(IS_EXE) rule
    • 1984dd8 Makefile: Remove confusing rule
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