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2 years ago

Downloads are available at: . To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

e07b0f3 Issue #741 add message about degraded state
1748e4d Issue #735 Skip showing '-b $BundleName' after setup
26f7b7d Issue #743 Make user checks skippable
e2277cc Issue #732 Update operators list with availability of marketplace
4e5faf3 Issue #732 updating differences as marketplace is not disabled
cef220b Issue #730 Use go ssh implementation only for windows host
d11c254 Issue #714: The messages from the crc CLI can be worded better
9ff3288 Issue #710 Reorganize minimum system requirements
51d5a14 Update bundle version to 4.2.0-rc.5
6401059 Issue #692 Unmarshall json only when http response status is 200
963a68e Fix misspell typos
1f83283 Issue #698: Literal \n in crc.log
7986aee Update bundle version to 4.2.0-rc.0
bece74c Issue #681 Replace references to virtualbox in integration tests by hyperkit
e7a5885 Issue #666: Add links to OpenShift documentation
96a6792 Issue #652: doc: Add missing 'oc login'
b00d1bc Issue #492: Document 'developer' and 'kubeadmin' users
5182fa0 extra: replaced virtualbox with hyperkit in Mac scenario
70c3f6b extra: added checks for the output of crc help to contain core commands
9709639 Issue #601 Adjust expectations in integration tests to match stdout of setup cmd output
9011890 Rename api to libmachineAPIClient to have consistancy
7b2d009 Close the libmachine api client connection
ee379e7 Issue #669 Check if crc VM exist before executing cmd functions.
1b5f861 Rename existVM func to MachineExists with changed signature
7f50148 Issue #674 Change log file permission before uploading to CI artifact server
0d34c4c Issue #657 - Add documentation how to run only one feature file
225e058 Issue #657: allow to run only one feature file
c31805a Issue #643 Document troubleshooting expired certificates
6bbc3cf Update bundle version to 4.2.0-0.nightly-2019-09-26-192831
3f4edb3 Update bundle URL in ci script

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