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pre-release2 years ago

This is a incremental release that uses the same 4.1.6 bundle as v0.89.0, however this version provides support for Hyper-V. It is advised to use this version only for testing Hyper-V on Windows. A new release will follow soon at the end of Sprint 170

  • fbc4a7a Issue #376 Fix colored log output for windows
  • 5cb43af Issue #8 Use win32 API to set nameservers
  • 8ab2d9d Issue #8 Use maininterface instead for Hyper-V
  • 9a67480 Issue #8 Add preflight checks and fixes for Hyper-V
  • 041bdb5 Issue #8 Add powershell and shellexecute logic
  • 31867e8 Issue #148 Add Hyper-V machine support
  • ae56b75 Issue #368 Add IP command step to basic tests
  • 46e643f Issue #362 Abstract retry logic
  • 69f693f Issue #356 Unpack bundle to disk on crc setup command
  • 4c86ae6 Issue #356 Add make target to embed bundle in crc binary
  • 459b9dc Issue #365 Add podman to install instruction on CentosCI
  • e5dfdfd Issue #352 Refer to .crcbundle instead of .tar.xz in docs
  • ae66a26 Issue #334 Fix incorrect URL in documentation
  • 0cfcf24 Issue #351 Remove duplicate errors
  • 91d78cf Issue #341 Add status command steps in basic tests
  • 40919aa Issue #349 Add separate hooks for stderr/stdout for logrus

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