github code-ready/crc 0.89.0

latest releases: v2.2.2, v2.2.1, v2.2.0...
pre-release2 years ago
  • Wrap errors with error.New or error.NewF
  • Rename error functions to adopt format convention
  • Rename logging functions to adopt format convention
  • Issue #317 Update the bundle extension for different platform
  • Issue #324 Add release target in Makefile
  • Make restartNetwork to return an error.
  • Make network restart non fatal for OSx
  • Deal with missing resolv.conf during network restarts
  • Don't try to use stale resolv.conf entries
  • Issue #339 Update host name of master node
  • Issue #317 Update bundle validation check and extract function
  • Issue #15 Add user pull secret and clusterID feature.
  • Issue #319 Add a start option to pass namesever.
  • machine.Start: Use consistent name for GetState() result
  • machine.Start: Add missing error handling
  • machine.Start: Handle more errors
  • Update oc.GetClusterOperatorStatus function
  • Issue #68 Add status command to crc
  • Download 'oc' binary to ~/.crc/bin/
  • Update hyperkit driver version from 0.12.3 to 0.12.4
  • Add hyperkit preflight checks
  • Add a way to specify custom path for machine drivers
  • Issue #281 Add vm driver flag for setup command
  • machine: Try multiple times to get the host bridge IP
  • nameservers: Remove 2 unused methods
  • hyperkit: Generate random UUID
  • Add hyperkit support
  • darwin: Only restart network when needed
  • dns_darwin.go: Refactor of multiple func signature
  • Issue #314 Use /etc/hosts instead /etc/resolv.conf
  • Issue #308 Add function to get get operator status
  • Add missing address of operator in call to fmt.Scanf in input.PromptUserForYesOrNo
  • Issue #306 Add pre-cluster certs validity check
  • Add function to read symlink file.
  • Issue #185 Document installation for other Linux platforms
  • Create passwordless sudoer crc_ci for CentosCI
  • Issue #286 Integration: Removed hard coded bundle location
  • Issue #286 Add GetDefaultBundle function
  • Use io.ReadFile to read files from the host
  • Don't crash when failing to read resolv.conf
  • Issue #288 Document basic troubleshooting information

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