github code-ready/crc 0.88.0

latest releases: v2.2.2, v2.2.1, v2.2.0...
pre-release2 years ago
  • Issue #272 Verify the user provide bundle against released one
  • Issue #218 Approve node csr after cluster is up
  • Issue #278 install podman before make build_docs For new contributors and people not familiar with podman this small change in the README will make thigs a little clear when generating the locall documentation
  • Update machine-libvirt-driver from 0.12.2 to 0.12.4
  • Issue #260 Add IP command for crc
  • README.adoc: Fix URI typo for crc docs
  • Issue #111 Initial tests for setup config
  • Issue #262 Add published docs link to README.adoc
  • Be more verbose on successful start/stop/delete
  • start: Don't print error message multiple times
  • Don't display short desc when running crc
  • Fix various typos
  • dns: Retry more times before error in CheckCRCLocalDNSReachable
  • Issue #249 Add Instance IP to host /etc/resolv.conf
  • Issue #257 Change Libvirt to libvirt in preflight check messages
  • Issue #235 Copy kubeconfig file from cache to instance dir
  • Don't crash when machine.createHost() fails
  • Issue #144 add flag --clear-cache to delete command
  • Add input package to crc
  • Add global flag --force to crc
  • Issue #240 Upload integration test logs to artefacts location
  • Error out when VM is not using the expected driver
  • Fix call of variadic function in errors.NewF
  • Issue #228 Add waitforNetwork to check internet connectivity
  • Issue #146 Add oc-env command
  • Issue #140 Convert documentation to adoc
  • Fix of golangci-lint warnings in dns_darwin.go
  • Issue #231 Correct typo in output of crc start on mac
  • Issue #228 Remove CNI network definition for dnsmasq container.
  • Remove unwanted dependencies from vendor directory

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