github code-ready/crc 0.87.0

latest releases: v2.2.2, v2.2.1, v2.2.0...
pre-release3 years ago
  • Update the bundle version to 4.1.0
  • Update the bundle version in integration test and update download bundle location to aws s3
  • Add a retry option for internal dns query.
  • Issue #204 Fix force kill in stop command.
  • Issue #172 display usage in case no command given
  • Issue #206 Exit code should be non-zero in case of error
  • Issue #199 update libvirt machine driver from 0.12.1 to 0.12.2
  • Issue #202 Update the default bundle specific to platform
  • Issue #201 create resolver dir if not exist
  • Issue #197 Fix double print of status when starting stopped VM
  • Issue #192 Add gofmt check to all the CI
  • Add fmt target to Makefile for running gofmt
  • Issue #193 Add kubeadmin user login info instead exporting system:admin kubeconfig
  • Issue #194 Add missing platform specific config field back to config cmd
  • Remove CoreDNS and dependencies from vendor
  • Remove CoreDNS implementation
  • Use debug instead info to not show output in default UX
  • Issue #188 Change crc/errors with errors package
  • Issue #184 Add dns check for local and public domain
  • Issue #158 Remove two running info in o/p of start command Remove extra whitespace preceeding every console msg
  • Issue #110 Prevent segfault from calling err.Error() on empty err Issue #159 Check if machine is already in running state before starting
  • windows: Add debug logs to preflight checks
  • linux: Add debug logs to preflight checks
  • download: Remove ./ from debug log
  • darwin: Add more debug logs during preflight checks
  • Consistently use 'logging' when logging
  • darwin: Fix permissions in fixResolverFilePermissions
  • darwin: Fix checkResolverFilePermissions
  • Issue #181 add instructions for building the user documentation as html
  • Add dnsmasq with container and use the container IP
  • Issue #177 Update the bundle to rc.5 in integration tests
  • Issue #45 add original resolv.conf values
  • Issue #45 start DNS service process as post start
  • Issue #45 Set HostOnly network range for VirtualBox
  • Issue #45 add Systemd commander for VM instance
  • Issue #45 cleanups and small fixes
  • Issue #45 Handle /etc/resolv.conf of the instance
  • Issue #45 modifying to run on port 53 with recursion exception
  • Issue #45 Add dependencies to vendor
  • Issue #45 Add DNS solution as part of pre-, post start (macOS)
  • Issue #74 Add minimal centos ci script to test pr
  • Issue #170 Update instructions for integration tests
  • Issue #165 Cache oc binary
  • Issue 162 Allow user to force poweroff when stop timeout
  • Set the machine debug for stop command also

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