github cobalt-org/ v0.7.3

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6 years ago


  • Support :categories in permalink (a9b4474
  • Support nested frontmatter (cafd42f
  • syntax-highlight: Succeed on windows (f1129fa
  • debug:
    • Dump doc with all defaults/globals (e4ff582
    • Link substitutions dump flag added (3439265

Bug Fixes

  • Do not attempt to build the output (51f486a
  • Ignore dest rather than rebuild (fce8936, closes #170)

Breaking Changes

  • page.path now returns non-exploded path. (7f571a8
  • --dump=liquid is replaced by --dump=<DATA> (3439265

A note on semver: I'm not bumping minor, despite breaking changes. In one
case, it is a change in a debug aide and not a part of the regular use cases
where someone might be broken. On the other, the chance of someone being
impacted by such a change is minuscule.

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