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4 years ago


  • 9f018d9 chore(cobalt-bin): Release 0.15.10
  • 6297765 docs: Update changelog
  • f872bc3 Merge pull request #733 from epage/mime
  • 6366d78 fix(serve): Provide Content-Type [ #732 ]
  • c7d1cce refactor(serve): Just let tiny_http read the file
  • dc1e6fa Merge pull request #727 from rotty/clippy
  • 27ba78c chore(CI): Tighten and modernize code style checks
  • 17c26e9 chore: Fix a match-related beta clippy warning
  • fd69086 chore: Some as_deref() simplifications
  • 9a0bbd1 chore: Fix a bunch of assorted clippy warnings
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