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Changes since CMSSW_7_5_7_patch1:

➡️ Merge due to automatic forward port

  • #12603 from @fioriNTU: Fix for on Track Cluster plots in Offline Pixel DQM for HI runs dqm
  • #12601 from @deguio: make available a light dqm sequence for HI dqm
  • #12598 from @threus: Turning back on cluster plots for offline DQM for HI dqm
  • #12594 from @slava77: use TrackCollection instead of a view of tracks in muon track isolation comparison reconstruction
  • #12592 from @slava77: Fail read calls after exception. (same as #12590) core
  • #12575 from @fioriNTU: add file needed for QTest in Offline dqm
  • #12570 from @iik1997: Quick fix to account for recent updates of castor and zdc unpackers dqm
  • #12562 from @dmitrijus: Make sure StreamerInputSource throws an error (75x) core dqm
  • #12536 from @threus: modifications for Pixel online DQM config for HI run dqm
  • #12525 from @hroskes: Backport of #12523: Small bugfixes in alignment workflows alca
  • #12522 from @istaslis: Added 2d DQM plot for Heavy Ions UCC dqm
  • #12521 from @threus: modifications for SiStrip online DQM config for HI run dqm
  • #12512 from @richard-cms: Add 2 new GenFilters for use by HI photon team generators
  • #12470 from @rjwang: add two CSCTF plots for debugging MPC/TMB errors from CSC dqm

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_7_5_7_patch1/slc6_amd64_gcc491 and REL/CMSSW_7_5_7_patch2/slc6_amd64_gcc491:

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