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8 days ago

Changes since CMSSW_12_4_14:


  • #41688 from @srimanob: [12_4] Unique upgrade workflow ID pdmv upgrade
  • #41646 from @missirol: use HLT:@relval2022_postEE in re-reco MC RelVal using 'postEE' GT [12_4_X only] pdmv upgrade
  • #41640 from @smuzaffar: [12.4.X] Oracle test: Use fake/random DB name db
  • #41627 from @makortel: [12_4_X] Make sure to report an error if process.options.numberOfThreads has wrong type core
  • #41612 from @francescobrivio: [12_4_X] Update run3 offline data GT for 2022ABCDE partial rereco alca

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_12_4_14/el8_amd64_gcc10 and REL/CMSSW_12_4_14_patch1/el8_amd64_gcc10:


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