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pre-releaseone day ago

❗️Breaking Changes

For developers: The API to generate the download URL now does not guarantee to present full URL, only path and queries in most cases.

🎁 New Features

  • Brand new thumbnail processing pipeline, supporting more generators for images, videos, and Office documents. You can extend the thumbnail capability of 3rd party storage policy using a "Generator proxy". Details: (#1309, #1589, #1364, #1461)
  • Add overwrite support for moveFiles and copyFiles. (#1679 @xkeyC)
  • Support Nexcloud custom headers (mod date and checksum) for Rclone. (#1690 @WeidiDeng)
  • Persist cache and session into disk before shutdown.
  • New magic variable for "File name without extension". (#1718 @arkylin)
  • Use custom values for expiration and limited downloads. (#1671, #862)

🛠 Enhancements

  • Use just-in-time host in download URl, instead of SiteURL in site settings. (#1647)
  • Detect and specify mime type for files uploaded to S3 and OSS. (#1681, #1678)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Cannot set preferred language for LibreOffice online.

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