github cloudposse/terraform-aws-kms-key 0.2.0
0.2.0 Convert to TF 0.12. Add tests. Add Codefresh test pipeline

latest releases: 0.12.1, 0.12.0, 0.11.0...
3 years ago


  • Port module to Terraform 0.12
  • Pin all providers
  • Add example for testing
  • Add bats and terratest for the example
  • Add Codefresh badge to point to the test pipeline in terraform-modules project
  • Update README


  • Module currently does not work with 0.12. Much easier syntax
  • Better regression control
  • Automatically test the example on every commit and pull request
  • Provision resources on AWS in the test account and check the outputs for the correct values
  • terraform-modules project contains pipelines for all terraform modules

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