github cloudposse/terraform-aws-kms-key 0.11.0

latest releases: 0.12.1, 0.12.0
18 months ago
Chore: update ``, run `make github/init`, drop Terraform `0.12` support @korenyoni (#28)


  • Update to that of null-label:0.25.0
  • Run make github/init.
  • drop Terraform 0.12 support.


  • The auto-context job was disabled because this repository was inactive for 90 days. This manually updates as it allows for the new tenant label.
  • make github/init updates GitHub Actions Workflow files to their latest reference counterparts.
  • validation rules were introduced in Terraform 0.13 and are used in the latest distribution. This PR drops support for Terraform 0.12 and below in order to enable updating to the latest distribution.


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