github cloudfoundry/stratos 2.1.0

Full Changelog

Release highlights:

  • Stratos frontend can be pre-built before pushing to Cloud Foundry to enable AOT and reduce push time
  • SSO support refinements with the ability to now connect a Cloud Foundry endpoint using SSO in addition to SSO login to Straos itself
  • Ability to specify manifest overrides when deploying an application
  • Ability to optionally specify Client ID and Client Secret when registering an endpoint
  • Add ability to restage an application
  • Endpoints list now shows logged in user's username and whether they're an admin
  • Switched to new Stratos logo for login and about pages
  • Backend improvements to make it easier for developers to develop with
  • Security fixes


  • Diagnostics can report incorrect migrations #2965
  • Backend should only gzip static responses #2925
  • Incorrect deployment type when deployed as a CF App #2858
  • Space Scoped Services are absent in the Select Service when the correct space/org is selected #2829
  • I can not get service information #2814
  • Fix security vulnerability CVE-2018-3774 introduced by nested dependency #2851
  • Fix issues with cookie not being marked as secure or http only with sqlite session store #2911
  • Update cache-control header #2910
  • Upgrade angular to 6.1.1 to fix security vulnerability #2850
  • Fixes and improvement for the diagnostics page #2860
  • Fix several manage user role bugs #2826
  • Diagnostics does not show GitHub details when cloned via HTTPS #3007


  • Endpoint list: Show logged in user's username and whether they're an admin or not. #2827
  • Allow front-end to be pre-built #2838
  • Deploy App Manifest overrides #2924
  • Add restage to application page. #2828
  • Extend endpoint registration UI to support Client ID and Client Secret #2920
  • Use new Stratos logo on splash/login and about page #2919
  • Scalability: Change application list in service instance table row from vertical to chip list #2896
  • Scalability: Convert space apps list from local to remote #2893
  • Use official CF Stratos logo #2892
  • SSO - Enable SSO for all deployment mechanisms #2873
  • SSO: Add an option to the setup screen to enable SSO #2963
  • SSO: Add initial SSO doc #2945
  • SSO: Add flag to indicate if an endpoint has been configured for SSO #2939
  • SSO: Add SSO Config options to Helm chart #2934
  • SSO: Allow a Cloud Foundry endpoint to be connected with SSO login #2928
  • SSO: Link tokens rather than copying them #2916
  • Add check to make sure DB Schema migrations have completed #2977
  • Extensions: Allow new side nav items to be added #2950
  • Extensions: Tidy up customizations and fix logo customization #2948
  • Improve GitHub error handling #2946
  • Harden app delete e2e test to reduce chance of concurrency failures #2942
  • Show 'other apps bound to service instance' warning on delete app service instance step #2918
  • Harden the service wall instance card #2908
  • Restructure go backend (with source moves) #2854
  • Improvements to simplify dev experience with go backend #2861
  • Added word break to the log viewer #2823
  • Remove all tokens associated with a cnsi on unregister, also fix e2e #2821
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