github cloudfoundry/stratos 0.9.5

Full Changelog

This is the first beta release of the Stratos UI Console. It contains the following bug fixes and improvements:


  • Added support for parameters when creating/binding services #1253
  • Added support for tags when creating service instances #1252
  • Moved service instances to a new Application tab #1237
  • Show deployment information in Application summary for console deployed apps #1243
  • Minor UI tweaks following UX review #1249
  • Pre-sort service instances in cloud foundry space instances table #1233
  • Enable binding of postgres CF db service to CF hosted console #1231
  • Migrate Helm chart to use MariaDB instead of Postgres #1230
  • Added initial BOSH Release #1222
  • Improve SSL certificate handling when deploying through Helm #1210
  • Added ability to deploy application from a git url #1208


  • Fixed a couple of minor translation issues #1247
  • Fix for broken cf push #1244
  • Fix for translation issue on the landing page language options #1234
  • Fixed filtering by text/endpoint bug #1268
  • Fix for missing icon for the busy state #1267
  • Fixed incorrect caching and reset behaviour of app wall filters #1248
  • Fixed create app issues related to route visibility/permissions #1246
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3 years ago