github cloudflare/workers-sdk wrangler@3.45.0

Minor Changes

  • #5377 5d68744 Thanks @CarmenPopoviciu! - feat: Add wrangler.toml support in wrangler pages deploy

    As we are adding wrangler.toml support for Pages, we want to ensure that wrangler pages deploy works with a configuration file.

  • #5471 489b9c5 Thanks @zebp! - feature: Add version-id filter for Worker tailing to filter logs by scriptVersion in a gradual deployment

    This allows users to only get logs in a gradual deployment if you are troubleshooting issues
    specific to one deployment. Example:
    npx wrangler tail --version-id 72d3f357-4e52-47c5-8805-90be978c403f

Patch Changes

  • #5462 68faf67 Thanks @OilyLime! - revert: Removes support for private networking Hyperdrive configs, pending more work to support the feature. Non-breaking change since the feature wasn't yet supported.

  • #5494 a232ccf Thanks @penalosa! - fix: Swallow parsing errors when a pages config file is required.

  • #5484 e7f8dc3 Thanks @ichernetsky-cf! - feature: support Cloudchamber deployment labels

  • #5434 bf9dca8 Thanks @OilyLime! - bugfix: Fix passing Hyperdrive caching options to backend

  • #5403 5d6d521 Thanks @oliy! - fix: wrangler dev --local support for ratelimits

  • Updated dependencies [940ad89]:

    • miniflare@3.20240329.1

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