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Minor Changes

  • #5215 cd03d1d Thanks @GregBrimble! - feature: customisable unsafe direct sockets entrypoints

    Previously, Miniflare provided experimental unsafeDirectHost and unsafeDirectPort options for starting an HTTP server that pointed directly to a specific Worker. This change replaces these options with a single unsafeDirectSockets option that accepts an array of socket objects of the form { host?: string, port?: number, entrypoint?: string, proxy?: boolean }. host defaults to, port defaults to 0, entrypoint defaults to default, and proxy defaults to false. This allows you to start HTTP servers for specific entrypoints of specific Workers. proxy controls the Style of the socket.

    Note these sockets set the capnpConnectHost workerd option to "miniflare-unsafe-internal-capnp-connect". external serviceBindings will set their capnpConnectHost option to the same value allowing RPC over multiple Miniflare instances. Refer to cloudflare/workerd#1757 for more information.

  • #5215 cd03d1d Thanks @GregBrimble! - feature: support named entrypoints for serviceBindings

    This change allows service bindings to bind to a named export of another Worker using designators of the form { name: string | typeof kCurrentWorker, entrypoint?: string }. Previously, you could only bind to the default entrypoint. With this change, you can bind to any exported entrypoint.

    import { kCurrentWorker, Miniflare } from "miniflare";
    const mf = new Miniflare({
    	workers: [
    			name: "a",
    			serviceBindings: {
    				A_RPC_SERVICE: { name: kCurrentWorker, entrypoint: "RpcEntrypoint" },
    				A_NAMED_SERVICE: { name: "a", entrypoint: "namedEntrypoint" },
    				B_NAMED_SERVICE: { name: "b", entrypoint: "anotherNamedEntrypoint" },
    			compatibilityFlags: ["rpc"],
    			modules: true,
    			script: `
    			import { WorkerEntrypoint } from "cloudflare:workers";
    			export class RpcEntrypoint extends WorkerEntrypoint {
    				ping() { return "a:rpc:pong"; }
    			export const namedEntrypoint = {
    				fetch(request, env, ctx) { return new Response("a:named:pong"); }
    			name: "b",
    			modules: true,
    			script: `
    			export const anotherNamedEntrypoint = {
    				fetch(request, env, ctx) { return new Response("b:named:pong"); }

Patch Changes

  • #5499 6c3be5b Thanks @GregBrimble! - chore: Bump workerd@1.20240403.0

  • #5215 cd03d1d Thanks @GregBrimble! - fix: allow scripts without scriptPaths to import built-in modules

    Previously, if a string script option was specified with modules: true but without a corresponding scriptPath, all imports were forbidden. This change relaxes that restriction to allow imports of built-in node:*, cloudflare:* and workerd:* modules without a scriptPath.

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