github cloudflare/cloudflare-go v0.87.0

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4 months ago


  • access_seats: Add UpdateAccessUsersSeats with an array as input for multiple operations (#1480)
  • dlp: add support for EDM and CWL datasets (#1485)
  • logpush: Add support for Output Options (#1468)
  • pages_project: Add build_caching attribute (#1489)
  • streams: adds support for stream create parameters for tus upload initiate (#1386)
  • teams_accounts: add support for extended email matching (#1486)


  • access_seats: UpdateAccessUserSeat: fix parameters not being an array when sending to the api. This caused an error when updating a user's seat (#1480)
  • access_users: ListAccessUsers was returning wrong values in pointer fields due to variable missused in loop (#1482)
  • flarectl: alias zone certs to "ct" instead of duplicating the "c" alias (#1484)


  • deps: bumps actions/cache from 3 to 4 (#1483)

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