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Load Balancing, Client Rate Limits & Cache Purge

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6 years ago

Headline changes:

  • Load Balancing now supports session affinity ("persistence") and origin weights
  • flarectl supports cache purge - e.g. flarectl zone purge --files="," features
  • Client-side rate limiting is supported, and matches the default rate limits. Customers with higher rate limits can modify this behaviour to match their custom limits.

1f9007f [bugfix] Fix session_affinity none handling (#179)
667a723 [feat] Load Balancing - Support of origin's weights (#175)
e1f3c42 Api client rate limiting (#163)
f0cb847 fix(api): accept 2xx responses without error
7a8c415 [breaking] Fix create page rule to return the page rule object (#169)
16d3478 Add minimum origins to load balancer pool (#165)
46dee6d [feat] Rate limiting (for a zone) (#161)
07e73e2 Added CheckRegions field to LoadBalancerPool (#162)
4155500 (msilverlock/cli-env-var-error) [feat] Add ZoneSettings methods (#158)
f36897f [feat] Add cache purge support to the flarectl CLI. (#156)

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