github cloudflare/cloudflare-go v0.68.0

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13 months ago


  • r2_bucket: change creation time from string to *time.Time (#1265)


  • adds OriginRequest field to UnvalidatedIngressRule struct. (#1138)
  • lists: add support for hostname and ASN lists. (#1288)
  • pages: add support for Smart Placement. Added Placement in PagesProjectDeploymentConfigEnvironment. (#1279)
  • r2_bucket: add support for getting a bucket (#1265)
  • tunnels: add support for access and http2Origin keys (#1291)
  • workers: add support for Smart Placement. Added Placement in CreateWorkerParams. (#1279)
  • zone: Added GetCacheReserve and UpdateacheReserve to allow setting Cache Reserve for a zone. (#1278)


  • dns: fix MX record priority not set by UpdateDNSRecord (#1290)
  • flarectl/dns: ensure MX priority value is dereferenced (#1289)
  • turnstile: remove SiteKey being sent in rotate secret's request body (#1285)
  • turnstile: remove SiteKey/Secret being sent in update request body (#1284)


  • deps: bumps dependabot/fetch-metadata from 1.4.0 to 1.5.0 (#1287)
  • deps: bumps from 1.8.2 to 1.8.3 (#1286)

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