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14 months ago


  • dns: Changed Create/UpdateDNSRecord method signatures to return (DNSRecord, error) (#1243)
  • zone: UpdateZoneSingleSetting has been renamed to UpdateZoneSetting and updated method signature inline with our expected conventions (#1251)
  • zone: ZoneSingleSetting has been renamed to GetZoneSetting and updated method signature inline with our expected conventions (#1251)


  • access_identity_provider: add claims and scopes fields (#1237)
  • access_identity_provider: add scim_config field (#1178)
  • devices_policy: update Mode field to use new ServiceMode string type with explicit const service mode values (#1249)
  • ssl: make GeoRestrictions a pointer inside of ZoneCustomSSL (#1244)
  • zone: GetZoneSetting and UpdateZoneSetting now allow configuring the path for where a setting resides instead of assuming settings (#1251)


  • teams_rules: AllowChildBypass changes from a bool to *bool (#1242)
  • teams_rules: BypassParentRule changes from a bool to *bool (#1242)
  • tunnel: Fix 'CreateTunnel' for tunnels using config_src (#1238)


  • deps: bumps actions/setup-go from 3 to 4 (#1236)
  • deps: bumps from 2.25.0 to 2.25.1 (#1250)

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