github cloudflare/cloudflare-go v0.35.0

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2 years ago

What's Changed

  • rulesets: make within RulesetRuleActionParametersCategories.Enabled optional for DDoS L7 phase (#824)
  • add ability to convert between types consistently (#825)
  • GATE-2448: adds support for gateway proxy endpoints (#821)
  • Run go mod tidy to clean up unused dependencies (#797)
  • rulesets: add new ratelimit fields (#827)
  • fix issue where the request body is empty when retrying requests (#826)
  • pages_project: make name omitempty (#830)
  • tests: include 1.18, run with 1.17 for lint and release (#835)

Full Changelog: v0.34.0...v0.35.0

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