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2 years ago

What's Changed

  • FallbackDomain.DNSServer is now []string instead of string (@kjhandy in #761)
  • add NewWithAPIToken example usage to README (@xphoniex in #763)
  • added more automated linting rules to ease review turn around (@jacobbednarz in #772)
  • add 'omitempty' to APIToken 'name' and 'policies' fields by @kevinschoonover in #766
  • access_application: AccessApplication.PrivateAddress and AccessApplication.GatewayRules added (@AkemiDavisson in #762)
  • dns: replace hard coded per_page parameter on DNS API with default (@Fattouche in #773)
  • added support for Cloudflare Images (@matthewpi in #764)
  • added Teams logging settings (@rexscaria in #769)

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.29.0...v0.30.0

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