github cloudflare/cloudflare-go v0.14.0

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3 years ago

🚨 🚨🚨 This release contains backwards incompatible changes and requires action to continue using it. See notes and examples below for full changes 🚨🚨🚨

  • All method signatures are now context aware and will require an update. Example:
- previous: api.AccessApplications("abc123", PaginationOptions{})
+ updated:  api.AccessApplications(context.Background(), "abc123", PaginationOptions{})
  • HTTP verbs have been replaced with http.Method* constants. Example:
- previous: api.makeRequestContext(context.Background(), "GET", "/my/url")
+ updated:  api.makeRequestContext(context.Background(), http.MethodGet, "/my/url")
  • dns: DNSRecord attribute Priority to *uint16 (#588)
  • dns: DNSRecord attribute Proxied to *bool (#595)
  • Use Go 1.15 (and test 1.16)
  • Added support for load balancer rules (#583)
  • flarectl/firewall_rules: ensure we return errors and halt (#586)
  • ip_address_management: add on_demand_locked field (#592)
  • errors: revamped error handling (#596)

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