github clangremlini/fet-loader v3.2.0
3.2.0 released!

  • The changelog will now be in English
  • Changed the color of the text about the cheat (thanks to @g42ftw)
  • Corrected translation (thanks to @g42ftw)
  • Reworked GUI button animations (thanks to @g42ftw)
  • Now, if Windows uses a light theme, the loader will use it
  • Added the ability to use third-party themes
  • Fixed rendering at DPI >100
  • Removed warning about high scaling
  • Disabled window resizing
  • Added manualmap injection (injectMethod=manualmap in config)
  • Added support for advanced UI theming of the loader
  • Code cleanup
latest releases: v3.2.2, v3.2.1, v3.2.1-beta...
5 months ago