github cilium/hubble v0.8.2

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9 months ago

This patch release fixes a bug in the dict output where a newline was missing. It also removes long-deprecated --json, --compact and --dict flags (use the --output flag instead) that actually turned out to be broken at this point. A very visible addition is color support, a change that was backported from the master branch upon popular request. In addition, the Go version, which is used to create release binaries, is updated to the latest v1.16.8 and the Cilium dependency is updated to v1.10.4.

Minor Changes:


  • v0.8: printer: fix dict outout newline (#617, @rolinh)

Misc Changes:

  • [v0.8] go.mod, vendor: bump cilium to v1.10.4 (#619, @tklauser)
  • v0.8: cmd/observe: remove depreacted formatting flags (json, compact, dict) (#606, @rolinh)
  • v0.8: Update Go to 1.16.7 (#605, @tklauser)
  • v0.8: update Go to v1.16.8, Alpine base image to 3.14.2 (#621, @rolinh)

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