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11 months ago

[v0.8.1] - 2021-07-19

This patch release updates gRPC and Cilium dependencies to v1.37.1 and v1.10.3 respectively. The Go version, which is used to create release binaries, is also updated to the latest v1.16.6. A minor, mostly cosmetic, bug is also fixed which allows building Hubble without any warning being displayed when the .git directory is not present.

Misc Changes:

  • v0.8: bump cilium to v1.10.2, Go to v1.16.6 (#586, @rolinh)
  • v0.8: release: pin skx/github-action-publish-binaries to a specific sha (#547, @rolinh)
  • v0.8: update cilium to v1.10.3, backport git version fix (#591, @rolinh)
  • v0.8: Update Go to 1.16.4 (#549, @tklauser)
  • v0.8: Update Go to 1.16.5 (#565, @tklauser)
  • v0.8: vendor: bump to v1.10.0 (#557, @tklauser)
  • v0.8: vendor: bump grpc to v1.37.1; honnef tools to v0.1.4 (#553, @rolinh)

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