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[v0.8.0] - 2021-05-03

This release coincides with Cilium 1.10 and has support for new API additions
added in Cilium. Some of the new API features include support for agent and
debug events (#537), as well as prelimary support for the experimental Hubble
Recorder API (#530). Both of these features are currenlty only available via
the local unix domain socket. Other API features include filtering by TCP flags
(#461), IP version (#505) and node name (#412).

Hubble CLI 0.8 also comes with improvements to the CLI utility, such as reading
flows and filtering flows from stdin (#524), more flexible timestamp format
printing (#509), support for Apple silicon (#488), as well as miscellaneous
flag improvements and additions (#411, #420, #421, #443). It also contains a
new hubble list subcommand which, when targeting Hubble Relay, lists all
Hubble enabled nodes (#427).

Breaking Changes

In accordance with semver 0.x releases, this release contains a few
breaking changes to the Hubble command-line interface:

  • The new default Hubble API endpoint (specified with --server) is now
    localhost:4245 to ease usage with Hubble Relay. To connect to the local
    unix domain socket, use --server unix:///var/run/cilium/hubble.sock or set
    the HUBBLE_SERVER environment variable (default within a Cilium container)
  • The new default output format is now always compact regardless of being in
    follow-mode or not. To obtain the old table output in the hubble observe
    command, use --output=table (#536)
  • The source of reply packets is now printed on the left side in the compact
    output format. Such flows are indicated with a <- arrow instead of ->.
    Flows with an unknown direction now use the <> arrow in the compact output
  • The hidden hubble peers watch command has been renamed to hubble watch peers (#542)

Major Changes:

  • Add basic support for agent events (#442, @tklauser)
  • Add subcommands for agent and debug events (#537, @tklauser)
  • cmd/observe: support for filtering events based on tcp-flags (#461, @nyrahul)
  • cmd: add node list subcommand to list hubble nodes with status (#427, @rolinh)

Minor Changes:

  • change default address to localhost:4245 (#535, @rolinh)
  • cmd/config: add shell completion support for keys for get|set|reset (#420, @rolinh)
  • cmd/observe: add a new flag to allow specifying different time formats for timestamps (#509, @rolinh)
  • cmd/observe: add all flags (#411, @rolinh)
  • cmd/observe: Add node name filter (#412, @twpayne)
  • cmd/observe: add shell completion support for various flags (#421, @rolinh)
  • cmd/observe: add support for IP version filters (#505, @rolinh)
  • cmd/observe: mark deprecated output flags as deprecated (#506, @rolinh)
  • cmd/observer: add support for agent event sub-type filters (#465, @tklauser)
  • cmd: Add record subcommand (#530, @gandro)
  • cmd: improve command usage message by grouping related flags (#443, @rolinh)
  • compact: Always print original source on the left (#533, @michi-covalent)
  • make: build release binaries for darwin/arm64 (aka Apple silicon) (#488, @rolinh)
  • printer: Add support for debug events (#473, @gandro)
  • RFC: cmd/observe: set default output format to "compact" (#536, @rolinh)
  • Support reading flows from stdin (#524, @michi-covalent)


  • cmd: fix environment variable names for options with dashes (#407, @rolinh)

Misc Changes:

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