github cilium/hubble v0.7.0

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20 months ago

Minor Changes:

  • Add config subcommand (#380, @rolinh)
  • Add reflect command (#378, @michi-covalent)
  • cmd/observe: Add HTTP method and path filters (#371, @twpayne)
  • cmd/peer: print tls.ServerName when available (#374, @rolinh)
  • cmd/status: Add flows per second to hubble status (#330, @gandro)
  • cmd/status: print node availability information when available (#328, @rolinh)
  • cmd/status: report current/max flows on the same line (#346, @rolinh)
  • cmd: add support for fish and powershell completion (#316, @rolinh)
  • cmd: add support for TLS and mTLS (#372, @rolinh)
  • cmd: honor user configuration directory for the configuration file (#375, @rolinh)
  • cmd: remove globals, optimize grpc client conn creation, remove pprof (#369, @rolinh)
  • Dockerfile: Remove ENTRYPOINT (#355, @michi-covalent)
  • printer: ommit node name from output (#358, @mdnix)
  • Update Go to v1.15, drop support for darwin/386, add support for linux/[arm,arm64] (#343, @rolinh)


  • cmd/status: do not report flows ratio when max flows is zero (#345, @rolinh)
  • make: fix git hash variable assignments for old make versions (#290, @rolinh)

Misc Changes:

Other Changes:

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