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Release v0.14.5

one day ago

What's Changed

  • connectivity: Fix some v0.14.4 failures by @brb in #1660
  • Update stable release to v0.14.4 by @michi-covalent in #1662
  • renovate: add renovate/stop-updating label on renovate's PRs by @tklauser in #1663
  • connectivity/check: pass metrics to metricsIncrease by pointer by @tklauser in #1664
  • sysdump: refactor submitTetragonBugtoolTasks to take defaults as parameters by @tklauser in #1665
  • renovate: add annotations for connectivity test images by @tklauser in #1667
  • Prepare for v0.14.5 release by @tklauser in #1666

Full Changelog: v0.14.4...v0.14.5

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