github chrislusf/seaweedfs 2.66

  • Cloud Drive cache and sync cloud data to local SeaweedFS cluster
    • Adds Gateway to Remote Object Storage to automatically create or delete buckets on remote object storage.
    • Adds support for Storj.
    • Adds support for Filebase
    • Adds support for HDFS (WIP)
  • Volume Server
    • Moving files also copies modification time, to ensure TTL volumes can work as expected.
  • Filer Store
    • Supports TiKV
  • S3 API
    • CopyObject return http Status 400 Bad Request for non-existing source #2306


  • Detect IPv6 adddresses #2310
  • Grafana page improves on S3 cost analysis #2290
latest releases: 2.74, 2.73, 2.72...
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