github chrislusf/seaweedfs 2.63

Big New Feature!

  • Remote Storage Cache
    It can cache S3 cloud storage data and metadata to local.
    Effectively this is a local cache with unlimited size.
    Only S3 is implemented for now.
    It works with all existing FUSE/Hadoop/S3/WebDAV/HTTP protocols.
    The local changes can be write back to cloud, to work with existing cloud ecosystems.

New Feature:

  • Add weed master.follower for scalable volume id lookup.


  • Filer
    • Stream read from volume servers to reduce memory usage.
  • Shell
    • volume copying: clean up stale volume data files #2250
    • volume.tier.move makes up changes if volume move failed.
    • volume.tier.move, volume.balance, etc fix empty cookie reading problem.
    • Parallelized volume.tier.move
  • Volume Server
    • Move volume lookup operations to gRPC.
  • S3
    • Add liveness or readiness probe for s3 api handler on /status path. #2245

Bug Fixes:

  • Filer
    • gRpc connection error on filer when no volume left #2243
  • Volume Server
    • [Version 2.62] Volume server crash when i access file from public url #2247
latest releases: 2.74, 2.73, 2.72...
2 months ago