github chrislusf/seaweedfs 2.22

  • Filer Store
    • Add mysql2, postgres2 for dedicated tables for each bucket. This ensures instant bucket deletion even for large buckets.
  • Filer
    • Support appending to a file with "op=append" URL parameter.
    • Fix http status 206 setting #1753
  • Fuse Mount
    • Use DIRECT_IO on linux to avoid page cache and ensure write-once-read-many with multiple weed mount instances. #1752
    • Limit background requests and congestion threshold
  • Filer meta
    • Watch meta data changes in JSON format by weed filer.meta.tail.
  • Filer Sync
    • weed filer.sync can optionally use filer as a proxy to access volume servers, avoid network setup to expose all volume servers.
  • S3
    • Fix for listing objects if more than 1000 in the folder
latest releases: 2.74, 2.73, 2.72...
9 months ago