github chrislusf/seaweedfs 2.21

  • Filer
    • Small values are saved to filer store only, saving one network hop to volume server.
    • Fix bug to ensure seamless meta data update under stress loads.
    • Add leveldb3 to have dedicated filer store for each bucket, for instant large bucket deletion.
    • Avoid http status 206 when error happens.
  • Mount
    • Fix a data read error due to a race condition when write and then read back quickly.
  • Filer meta tail
    • Add feature to submit metadata updates to ElasticSearch.
  • S3
    • Bug fix: #1741 key count during list objects
  • Minor fixes
    • Fix viper concurrent modification when starting servers.
    • Filer store: nil entry error if not found
latest releases: 2.74, 2.73, 2.72...
9 months ago